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Innovation Technology of Pest Control.

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Pest Control Services

Pest control refers to the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest.

Termite Control Services

Termite Control will stop existing termites dead in their tracks and defend your home against future termite infestations.


We also provides consulting services tailored to those with long-term or complicated pest control needs.

Innovation Technology

Innovate programs wit steadfast to promote a safety and healthy living environment.exceptional results and healthy living environment.

Certified Experts

Highly Experienced, Trained and Certified Pest Control Experts

Disinfecting Services

We offer an extensive range of expert disinfection services to ensure potentially harmful disease causing bacteria and viruses are dealt.

Innovation Technology of Pest Control

Why Choose Innotech

This Is Why

You Should Choose Innotech Dumaguete

Fastest Work

Innotech Get the job done quick and kill termites effectively

High Skill

Highly professional and certified Innotech team that could kill even the bed bugs.


Our team make sure to use Safe and Correct use of pesticides for extermination of the termites.

Proper Take Care

Innotech make sure the Proper disposal of leftover pesticides and pesticide containers properly.

Happy People
Tons Of Goods
Loyal clients​
Call us, be in safer side but only you, not the pests

Questions & Answers

Here are some of the most frequent asked questions about out Innotech Pest Control Dumaguete

The fact that our company is fully licensed and committed to provide quality professional pest control services tailored to suits individual customers and their varied needs. We value our costumers above all. In fact, we are already 10 years in this field of business, and we assure you that you are in good hands. Choosing Innotech as your Pest Control provider will not just save your homes from further damage but will also keep your worries away and you have the 100% peace of mind.

So in short – in some cases yes, while in other cases no.  The reality is, it will depend on many factors, including – to a large extent – on the level of infestation and the favorable conditions. It is our goal to do everything we can to safely remove the pests from your home as quickly and effectively as possible.  Once our professional arrives on the scene, he or she should be able to give you a reasonable idea of about how long it should take to resolve your pest issues.

All technicians are trained by a certified expert on a continuous basis to make sure they are current on all the latest techniques and methods.

All technicians are professional in appearance with clean uniforms, pleasant professional manners, and an understanding of the importance of punctuality.

All technicians drive clean, safe, and professional appearing vehicles.

All technicians render quick response service calls, usually within 24 hours of notification.

See the pests last time, before you call Us!

Our entire Innotech Dumaguete team is devoted to meeting and exceeding those needs as a result of our dedication, a large percentage of our business comes from repeated customers and referrals.